The Fail Proof Outfit Combination I Heavily Rely On

You Can Never Go Wrong Going Back To Basics.

The Hottest Day of Summer

Good afternoon and attention all my wonderful friends and readers. We’re nearly done with the month of July, bringing us that much closer to the end of this dreaded heat. But until that happens we’ll have to brave this together so I’m sharing with you an outfit I’ve worn on one of the hottest daysContinue reading “The Hottest Day of Summer”

The Most Comfortable Trousers You’ll Ever Wear

Find Them At Zara for $30 Good morning ,everyone. While we’re all well and aware and rushing around through the sales of Zara and many other shops making room for their AW collections I’d like to direction your attention for just a moment to a particular piece that I believe you’re going to love. No,Continue reading “The Most Comfortable Trousers You’ll Ever Wear”