I Used to Hate these Shoes Growing Up- Now I Can’t Get Enough

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Major Cinderella Vibes with these Nastygal Clear Sandals

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The Hottest Day of Summer


Good afternoon and attention all my wonderful friends and readers. We’re nearly done with the month of July, bringing us that much closer to the end of this dreaded heat. But until that happens we’ll have to brave this together so I’m sharing with you an outfit I’ve worn on one of the hottest days this year. Usually I stay clear of short shorts as they tend to make me feel younger than I already look but I of course had to make an exception. These high-rise, ruffled shorts from Zara make for a great girly and put together kind of look, making me feel better about showing so much leg. The top,I feel, is the real star of the show here. Recently added to my wardrobe from Topshop sales, this top makes me feel like all kinds of cool. The classic polka dot print promises for versatility and timeless chicness which is always a win in my book. Scroll down to shop this $20 top at Topshop and the rest of the look.



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Pleasant Surprise in Lizard Thicket



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Have you ever packed an item of clothing away from the season, forgotten you’d owned it, and rediscovered it with more joy than before you stored it? That’s how I feel about this shirt dress from Lizard Thicket. I purchased it a little over a year ago and was honestly getting bored of it. I didn’t like the way it was fitting on my body and I was convinced that the capsule wardrobe was my thing. Half of me wanted to part with it but the other half felt like there was potential and it only took me a year to discover it! I tried it on and it fit me terribly. I tried it with jeans, with shorts, with a slip dress underneath, and finally an a line skirt. It was the last thing that came to mind but it worked. Some how styling this awkwardly fitting, minimal style shirt dress, unbuttoned midway with a slightly edgy skirt worked. Although I really was just playing dress up with my clothes I had to share this look hopefully to inspire you to sometimes try a crazy, daring, and unusual approach. Fashion is fun and experimental.


Lizard Thicket

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