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Scouting Basics

With Lou & Grey


[NOTE: Some of these items are NOT vegan friendly]


1. Lou & Grey Doubleface Coat

2. Vega Three Lock Pierre Natural Puxador

3. Flowers For Zoe Single Wrap Bracelet

4. Lou & Grey Cashmere Mockneck

Hi everyone & welcome to another post. This will be a quick one however. As you may know I am a massive lover of basics in the wardrobe and I’m always on the hunt for some really good staple pieces that could be mixed and matched with anything in the wardrobe. Lou & Grey is a great shop for finding nice quality pieces for fair prices. Now I will warn to some of you, some of these items are not vegan friendly. Although I myself am vegan I chose to still include these items as I want to help all of my viewers, my vegan and non vegan. This may not always be the case but for now I do hope you enjoy.

I chose these items because I love the potential versitility I’m seeing with these. Theyre great for the coming seasons and for mixing and matching with your other wardrobe pieces. I will be on the hunt for a vegan friendly alternative but for now I hope all of you are having an amazing week. xx




7 Steps to a Proper Wardrobe Clear Out


1 Question- Is this something you truly want to do? Owning little may not be for everyone. Are you willing to be realistic and brutal with yourself?img_5159img_5176


2 Take Out Everything- Making sure you have enough time for this task, un-hang, unfold, and pull out every clothing item you won. No questioning in this part just remove everything from your wardrobe. You’re going to need a clean place to put everything. It’s best to remove it all from the room it came from and into a difference.


3 Classification- Organize your clothes into three classifications : the first is for the clothes you are for sure you want to keep. You are 101% sure you’d have multiple uses for them. The next is for storage. Anything you’ve decided to keep but may not wear it for the current season due to practical reasons, such as weather, goes here. Also anything you are absolutely unsure about can be stored for the next season and be up for judgement then. The last pile is the “going” pile, all of the things you decided you no longer want. These clothes can either go to the trash if they aren’t suitable to be worn, thrift shops, or donated to family and friends who may put better use to them. These items are the stained, torn, worn out, out of interest, and clothes that haven’t been worn in a year or more. And be real with yourself, if a year’s gone by and you haven’t worn something you probably shouldn’t own it.img_5199

4 Purging- Once you’ve finished classifying, collect your “going” clothes by storing them in trash bags. You should’ve already separated the clothes to donate from the clothes going in the trash. Immediately take your trash clothes out to the garbage and your donated clothes to your local thrift shop or friend’s house. Letting your clothes linger, even if they’re stored in bags, will tempt you to go through them.

5 Clean- Before putting your clothes back in take this opportunity to give your wardrobe a quick cleaning. Wipe surfaces, scrub off scuff marks and stains, sweep and or vacuum.

6 Prep Your Clothes- This is optional but to go to the extra mile give all your clothes a wash, including your store away clothes so they’re nice and fresh. Iron your clothes going into the wardrobe so they’re all presentable and literally ready to wear.img_5204img_5213img_5217

7 Put Everything Back- Now it’s time to put everything back. Use storage bins to keep your stored clothes for the next season. I like to keep my clothes color coordinated.

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My Favorite Instagram Photos in August

Hi everyone, I hope all is well with all of you. August was a great month. Despite my desperate moans for its passing due to cruel temperatures, I learned so much. I am becoming more connected & accepting with myself, I am loving the little things and feeling encouraged to appreciate all that I have.

What has the month of August brought for you? Good times I hope. See you soon!

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Cool for the Summer

What I Wore On a Cool Day In Summer





Wearing : top- Lizard Thicket , jeans- Zara (similar) , vest- Asos (similar) , shoes- Zara , bag- Nastygal

Today’s Look #2


Good morning! It is Saturday and I am feeling great. Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and literally nothing can ruin it? Birds singing, sun out, coffee strong, it’s just a fantastic morning. How is your day going? I’m hoping it is calming, clear, and productive!


Top- Shein

Shorts- American Eagle

Sandals- Forever 21

Bag- Romwe