Major Cinderella Vibes with these Nastygal Clear Sandals

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Pascal Panda | New Etsy Shop Addition


Happy to announce a new addition to my Etsy shop and the beginning of a new section to it. Pascal is the first to my urban, minimal style, children & baby collection and is available now. He is currently the only one of his kind. If you are interested you can purchase Pascal at With the Grey on Etsy .


Home Is Where the Heart Is

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Hi everyone! I’m especially excited today announcing a new segment on the blog. I thought it would be a great idea to have a portion that is off the topic of fashion and celebrates forms of art. What do you think of that? Would you enjoy it? If you’re interested and you’re the creative type send me your work to be featured. I look forward to meeting you in our creator’s nook.


To begin I added my personal work. This piece is called ‘One Love’, hand drawn by me. I’ve been obsessed with creating work that appears minimal and simple from a distance but busy and interesting close up. I feel it gives it a lot of personality. You can find this on my Etsy shop .



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