So I’m Back. Now What?

While I won’t be surprised I’ve lost a few of you, I’m still genuinely glad to be back to blogging. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my life is not as it was when I began and I’m certainly not the same person. I began blogging circa 2015 while in community college. I had an “Instagram boyfriend” whom I was lucky to have taken all of my photos and hardly any responsibilities. Today, I am enrolled yet again in college with a different career path, which I’ll speak on more later. I’m a full-time student, and full-time independent contractor, still navigating social media as it quickly evolves.

So I’m back blogging again..but a lot busier, now what? Am I here to stay?

I truly enjoy blogging. While it is yet another hat of many, I find the entire process of content creating, from shopping to putting looks together, to taking photos and videos, to getting it all online, really enjoyable. I’m not certain whether I can commit to a consistent schedule of publishing content, but I’ll do my best. 🙂


Bodysuit, Jeans, Ralph Lauren Cardigan, Studio Amelia Sandals, Freja NY bag

Thank you to those of you who are here. I hope you stay a while! 🖤

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  1. Welcome back! 🙂 Technically, I’m back to blogging too – I last blogged 10 years ago! But like you, I took another career path, life got in the way and blogging became nothing more than a past hobby. It’s certainly good to be back, but boy has a lot changed in the past decade! It’s like starting from scratch.

  2. I just started my blogging journey this January and it is difficult to stay consistent and I only post once per week.

    Welcome back to you. Post as you can. Love your look btw.

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