You Can Never Go Wrong With The Basics

First, let me take the time to say, it’s good to be back and I’m sorry to have left in the first place. Let’s just say lots have changed and my life is not the same as it was when I first began blogging-which I’ll explain more of in a later post.

Today dive right in I thought what better than to create a look of basics while introducing a new piece in the shoe collection. You can never go wrong with the basics and I went with a much grabbed for oversized button-down white top from H&M and a black midi skirt with an adjustable slit from from NA-KD.

If you’re an original follower you’d recognize my Fiorelli tote that I’ve owned for ages. Sadly, they are not shipping to the US as of late so I’m still holding on to mine, it’s a classic.

And finally, a new love of mine, my Studio Amelia sandals, called the Filament 90 heel. They fit so perfectly in my wardrobe and work with many looks. Some of my clothes are more classic so the shoes really add a more modern and current touch. I can’t wait to wear them over and over!

As an alternative, I grabbed a shorter skirt, my leather skirt from Revolve, and a smaller bag from Freja NY. These small changes take the look from day to night.

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