ATL Spring time | Styling a Jumpsuit & an Exciting Surprise

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Good morning, everyone. I am so happy to be posting again and hope all of you are well. For those of you who don’t know I have recently moved into the city in the middle of downtown and midtown. While it’s been a roller coaster of emotions and a blow to my time, blog, and legs as I’ve been doing a ton of walking, I couldn’t be happier and adjusted quite quickly. The weather has been quite good to us lately allowing me to get out and get some sun without gasping for air. I’ve also had the chance to take this jumpsuit out for a spin for the third time. It tears me to pieces that it is no longer available for you guys to buy as well but is definitely a favorite in my wardrobe.

Now I’ve argued myself to death trying to decide whether I wanted to reveal this here or in a proper video but I just could not contain the excitement to wait. I am pleased to announce a new addition to my high end bag collection, the Guess Delaney logo embossed mini tote in nude. The purchase of this bag was unintentional, however I have saved money specifically to reward myself ¬†for hitting a new milestone in life, moving out of my parents’ and into the city, a literal dream of mine. This bag is a beautiful faux leather, sandy color with the G logo embossed all throughout the bag as well as the logo emblem at the front of the bag.

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Summer Jumpsuit Inspiration

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PicMonkey Collage

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