Trouser Joggers


Good morning, everyone and happy Saturday! We can finally relax as the rough of the week is over. This month has been a difficult one for me. As the weather gets warmer I become more and more lost on what to wear. I’ve come to the realization that I simply am not a fan of Summer. I love the idea of Summer and the fun atmosphere  but I’m not too cheery on the heat. And with the heat comes the fashion confusion for me. I tend to feel less of myself when dressing for warmer weather. I decided that if there were a season that I were going to invest in it was definitely going to be the fall/winter, my favorites. Unfortunately this has absolutely nothing to do with the outfit worn in this post but something I wanted to talk about and will talk more on later.


Top | Pants | Shoes | Bandanna

2 responses to “Trouser Joggers”

  1. Yes really cutr

  2. I love the trouser look! I’m always scared to purchase some because I’m not sure I can pull it off and still look girly in them! You did a great job pulling it off btw! Great post!

    – Stevie

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