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Good morning and happy Tuesday! Firstly I want to apologize for my lack of consistency recently as I have been planning for our, Brennan and I, move. I am really excited to share with you a new product that I’ve truly been loving from the brand Trueformulation. I had a small look at their Instagram page and was dazzled by their natural skin care and body products. Browsing through the website I wasn’t particularly interested in spending too much money on this new found brand but was achingly curious, plus I had just ran out of lip balm and was on the hunt for a natural deodorant. While I did not have any luck on deodorant I did happen to find some conveniently cheap, natural lip balm pricing at $4.50, perfect for those curious tryouts. I purchased the Cocoa Mint Lip Balm made with organic cocoa butter, spearmint, and hydrating natural oils coming in a tin or a traveling friendly tube. They provide 3 different scents to choose from :honey, green tea, and citrus, which is what I chose.  Truthfully speaking this is the most buttery and long lasting lip product I have ever used. It leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated for hours even after I’ve had a drink or eaten. You don’t need a large amount when applying and it gives a perfect glossy look. I like to this balm with a small amount of red lipstick for a tinted glossy look. The Trueformlation team was kind enough to throw in a sample of their lavender Naked Earth Exfoliant containing rich minerals and detoxifying and polishing antioxidants for brighter, healthier skin.


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  1. Great post! I definitely want to try these now. I have a serious lip balm addiction.

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