A Few Favorites this Week

Today I felt like an overgrown toddler, but a chic one at that.


The weather has been absolutely insane here in Atlanta, sunny one day & rainy with tornadoes in the next, I’m not even exaggerating. With the climate being very inconsistent getting ready for the day has been a bit difficult. I don’t know whether I should take a jacket or if it’s safe to wear sandals. These few items have been of some help with my confusion. I’ve been skipping makeup lately and just going with finished eyebrows and lashes( I chose not to include my Glossier boy brow because we all know that is a definite favorite of mine) using the waterproof Katy Kat Eye mascara by Cover girl which has had my back in all the rainy weather lately. My trick is to properly curl my lashes before applying them and they’re nearly like falsies! I always keep sunglasses in my bag by habit now due to mother nature’s inconsistent tendencies, whacking the sun out in the middle of a storm; Seriously I’m not joking! My sweater has been like any old sweater to be honest, but it’s a cream colored sweater and we can’t get enough of those! And on the very few cool days we have left for the season I like to throw this on at any chance I get teaming it with my very dainty and minimal bracelet from boutique minimaliste. I’ve appreciated the subtlety of it as I’m going through my bold trend phase.

Leave a comment of some of your favorite things!

Katy Perry Kat Eye Mascara | Boutique Minimaliste 



Sweater | Overalls | Bag | Shoes | Sunglasses

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