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My Most Lusted After ASOS Picks

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Hi, everyone I hope you’re having a wonderful morning. Since ASOS seems to be  where most of my money has gone to I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the items I tend to drool over while doing my usual scroll through the site. These will be, but not restricted to, the current trends for the corresponding month.


The first is a very minimal and dainty jumpsuit from ASOS in a soft subtle grey with white vertical stripes and ruffle hem detail at the bottom of the leg.



The first thing I thought about when I spotted these ASOS shoes was my high school prom and how I was so desperate to wear something tasteful and unique from the standard cringe worthy prom wear, sorry if you’re into that. These are absolute princess shoes guaranteed to turn heads. With these I wouldn’t over do it, I’d keep it simple on the top with a sleek, solid colored dress to team with the party on my feet.



This ASOS brand brooch pack has everything to do with the current trend and love for embellishments. Brooches, patches, embroidery etc. are all the hype right now creating that extra sassy touch to a look. I personally am not a massive fan on the really gaudy pins with bright colors so these are perfect.



Having nothing to do with a current trend this Whistles wallet  is just something I’ve had my eye on purely for its looks. It’s minimal but still has color which is great for me right now considering my strange –I’m starting to like color but let’s not go to far- phase.



Lastly but certainly not least, in fact these are probably my favorite on the list, are these absolutely stunning ASOS brand heeled sandals. I think I love these mostly because I’ve fantasized of many looks wearing shoes very similar and here it is in real life. These would add just the perfect touch of edge to a look and here we see, again, the metal embellishments which I feel really make these shoes even more special.


Comment what your favorite is of my picks & find my entire with list on my Pinterest

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