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It’s almost Friday and I’m finally back with a new outfit post, styling an oldie but goldie. These River Island slides have been with we for a little over a year and I’m so happy to bring them back out in correspondence to the metallic trend, hope I didn’t miss it. Now briefly I wan’t to mention exactly why I haven’t been posting my usual amount of weekly content, and it’s not because I’ve run out of clothes…..although we can say that may be another case. Occasionally I get into spells of depression causing me to become overly lethargic and unmotivated. The past two weeks have been rough as I’ve had many things to do but all I wanted to do was lay in bed all day, it felt worse knowing that it was completely not like me to let all my deadlines go by. I knew it wasn’t me and I couldn’t figure out why I was acting that way, oversleeping past my alarm, eating terribly, constantly opening my planner and closing it in disappointment knowing I wasn’t going to complete any of my planned tasks. Just yesterday I had enough and after a self diagnosis of depression thanks to the help of Google, a ton of dragging, and an agonizing photo shoot I felt a bit better knowing I was back into creative mode again, even though it took a real kick in the butt. In conclusion to my rant and excuse on my laziness I wanted to know what some of you might think on a small focus on mental health on this blog. Blogging is a ton of fun, we all know that, but behind the scenes we’re not all perfect. Comment if this is a topic you’d be interested in.


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3 responses to “Back in Metallic”

  1. Adding a mental health portion to the blog is a great idea, it’s definitely something I would be interested in seeing. I love the metallic slides I have a pair in black that I love.

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