Cold & Bold

And Borrowed from Boys


Good morning lovely people and happy Friday. We’ve made it through the week fiercely! The weather’s been interesting lately, warm for the winter & cool for spring. But no worries if you’ve already packed up all your winter clothes here’s an idea, you can always borrow. In this case I’ve borrowed from boys. This top is from Forever 21 belonging to my brother and the jacket is my boyfriend’s. There’s something really fun about playing with over sized clothing, not to mention you can hide you winter body while you prep for that summer one.



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cross body bag


ankle boots



4 responses to “Cold & Bold”

  1. Love this look – the bag is especially cute!

  2. I have a couple things from the men’s section. It’s a great option when you want to wear something over sized 🙂 I love your booties.

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