An Unconventional Way to Style that Mini Skirt



We’re getting to the end of winter and it’s nearly time for the dreaded annual style rut. You know the kind, where you’re awkwardly wedged between cold and warm weather unsure of what to wear and all of your clothes are just played out! Here’s a way to rethink your last season a-line minis into a twist people wont see coming.




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 $11  Shein                                                                     $17 Shein

(similar)$23 Shein                                                      (similar)$64Only

(similar)$39 New Look                                                          $24 H&M

 $23 Romwe                                                                     $139 Zara

3 responses to “An Unconventional Way to Style that Mini Skirt”

  1. I loooove it all, this is gorgeous!

  2. I feel like the black mini-skirt is always in style. This gives me ideas on how to wear it, black tights with the mini-skirt and a grey sleeveless turtle neck with a black leather jacket would be super stylish .

  3. very cool pairing options

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