My “Black Friday” Knits


Good morning everyone& yes this post is a bit late! I am so excited for the things I’m going to show you. Now I know that I’ve mentioned black Friday, which by the way to me is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary, BUT this purchase was completely unexpected and definitely unintentional.

I stayed over at my sister’s for the weekend and went with her to Atlantic Station¬†¬†Friday morning to get her nails done and get something to eat. Long story short I ended up in the line at H&M with an arm full. I found this amazing, soft sweater as well as a really pretty scarf that I knew I’ve been wanting but wasn’t prepared to buy. What sold me was the sale. I purchased the sweater for $15 and the scarf, which I think was just original price, for $17. I also found a really pretty, also grey, chunky knit cardigan that I bought for my sister for her birthday. I also bought some earrings which was what I intended to buy originally but sadly are not available online. Although this entire shopping spree was definitely unexpected these are all items I’ve been wanting for quite a while and I’m really happy I’ve found them for a bargain.


Wearing : Zara trench coat, H&M jeans, Zara heels, H&M scarf & sweater, Romwe bag



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  1. the tonal neutrals are fab <3

    1. Thanks! That’s pretty much what I live in.

  2. Girl, I’m obsessed with your style <3

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