New Trendy Fall Boots

Much Anticipated Ankle Boots for Fall


Hello everybody & happy hump day. Last week was a rough one. With one job requiring much of my time and energy and another occupying what ever’s left I’ve seemed to be on an emotional roller coaster. This made receiving these long awaited ankle boots a trillion times better.

I have been on the hunt for a very specific style of boots for quite some time. Most were too low or high or way too expensive. The Omari faux suade ankle boots from EGO are absolutely perfect,finally. They’re have that cool 70’s look without looking too forced. The heel is not to high and chunky making it super easy to walk in. My only complaint is that it could use some extra padding if you’re looking to walk long distances. The bottom of your feet can get a bit sore after a while but nothing some good inserts couldn’t fix. The boots are relatively cheap at $43 (USD). Stay tuned for some fun styling with these gems!

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3 thoughts on “New Trendy Fall Boots

  1. Black suede booties are such a chic statement piece! Using a gel or leather insert will solve the problem of walking long distance in these beauties. Thanks for a lovely blog post.


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