Sharing Your Space with non Minimalists


Not everyone has the luxury of living in that clean, crisp, aesthetically pleasing home. We have room mates, relatives, kids,or pets. Basically, life happens.


Here are a few notes to keep in mind while living with non minimalists:

  1. It’s important to remember that you once were not a minimalist either and it would not be fair to expect someone to jump into this random lifestyle change with you.
  2. Being open about it helps. Share your intentions and what minimalism means to you. If it’s important to you it will be respected, eventually.
  3.  Negotiating and compromising wont hurt anyone. Try to find a middle ground with the items in your space. No one should have to make an entire sacrifice to please the other.
  4. Lead by example. Based on experience, most of the time you wont ever even have to ask someone to change. If you carry on with your lifestyle your happiness in your simplicity will impress and you’ll find your house mate slowly following.

Published by With the Grey

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3 thoughts on “Sharing Your Space with non Minimalists

  1. That is nice story. I quit with minimalism when I got kid. It is impossible to keep apartment in perfect condition when you have running train trough your house. Maybe if I you have service, but I am not rich enough.


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