Fall Capsule Wardrobe Additions

jacket:Zara-skirt& shirt:Shein

Good morning and happy Monday! This is much past due but today I’m sharing with you my latest arrivals I chose out for this coming season and the next. Again, I put a lot of thought into these to insure I’d get the most use out of each piece. I’m hoping all of these will carry me through fall, winter, and hopefully even spring. I’m sure by now you’ve collected that I tend to stick to a specific color scheme for my clothes. These are just what makes me feel the most comfortable and happiest. Keeping a neutral palette is also very easy and safe to pair with other items. However, if you’ve seen my A/W ’16 style visual board post you would have noticed that I’m taking a bit of interest in color, shocking! Specifically the colors red and brown,yes I know they are a bit cliche for autumn but still very beautiful. I look forward to splashing around a bit of color into my very monochromatic wardrobe.



shirt dress,body suit & mules: Asos- crew neck t-shirt:Mango-bag:Zara
bracelet: Boutique Minimaliste


Shop these Items

Zara Trench coat (similar)

Shein Sweatshirt

Shein A line skirt (similar at Romwe)

Asos Shirt dress (similar)

Asos Mockneck body

Mango blk/wht Cotton t-shirt

Zara Tote

Asos Mules

Boutique Minimaliste

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17 thoughts on “Fall Capsule Wardrobe Additions

  1. I am in love with that trenchcoat! I have also been on the hunt for a white turtleneck tank like yours above and I am so glad you mention where it is from so I can go get it!

    Great style and fantastic photos! xoxo


    1. Thank you! I’d never keep a good style deal a secret! Unfortunately I think that jacket is no longer on sale. When I purchased it late last month it was around $35. If I find one of equal or greater value with a fair price I’ll be sure to mention it!


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