Tea Time

Yogi Tea

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Good morning and happy Friday! We made it through the week which basically means we can do anything!


I thought I’d share the subject of my obsession which is tea, specifically¬†Yogi’s¬†Vanilla Spice tea. I bought it seeking a substitute for coffee and boy does it work. I’m generally skeptical with anything and everything but gave it a shot anyways. The taste to me was not bad alone & I added my favorite creamer to it. I made the mistake of sipping on this at 11 pm while watching TV & was proven then how great this tea was, although not so great at that moment. I was up all night! I went to bed around midnight and did not sleep until 10 am. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more effective drink. Needless to say I am impressed. Yogi, you have yourself a satisfied customer.

Tell me what you’re drinking this morning. Have an amazing day!


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