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Help me complete my college courses by donating to my ‘Go Fund Me’ account to help may for my tuition.


Hi my name is Rachelle. I’m a full time student, well trying to be at least, a beginner Etsy shop owner selling hand drawn art work, blogger, and Youtuber. My goal is quite simple. I wish to complete the college career that I have started and earn my Associates degree of Arts that so close I can practically taste it. 84% close to be exact. I’m that much closer to getting the credentials I need. I’m here because I need help. You’re not helping yourself if you don’t do everything you can for your purpose, even if that means asking for help. My tuition is $1984 and I’m just about a thousand short with little time. Please help me by donating so that I may complete my schooling and graduate. Thankful would not even begin to cover how I will be for your help. Good luck with your future plans and thank you for your time.

OK guys, being completely honest, I’m squirming in my seat just making this post but the struggle has become real. I’ve fallen into some serious problems and although it’s painful I’m asking for help. If you’d like to donate to my cause click this link.

To donate go to – GOFUNDME

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