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Hi! My name is Rachelle Darbouze, art student, blogger, Youtuber, and newly Etsy shop owner. Along with all of this I am working full time at a daycare center. Crazy, right? It has always been a dream of mine to create. Figuring what was an ongoing personal battle. I created my blog and Youtube channel as a way to have some other task that made me feel like something more than a student stuck in a dead end job. Creating videos and blog content, although challenging, bring me lots of joy! I love fashion and create my blog posts and videos around my love for personal style with a few on lifestyle, food, travel, and whatever else my heart desires! My goal is to turn this hobby into a new career at which I can support myself.
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From the time I could hold a pencil I have been drawing non stop. I love art and especially love creating it. There are so many different art styles I phased through I’m amazed myself when I look back. Someone once told me “figure out what you’re good at and make a carrier out of it. And if you love it, you will be happy always and never work.” That really spoke to me and I opened an Etsy account for my drawings. I am so scared and excited for the outcome and hope that every visitor at least leaves with a bit of inspiration.

You can find me on a wonderful site called Patreon and if you would like to give more than your time to support me you can do so there. Also if you are a creator yourself you should definitely set up an account.

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Along side all of these dreams my number one goal in life of course is to live simply, happily, & at peace.

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  1. That’s a nice project! Congrats for starting it!

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