What’s In my Traveling Carry-On

Although I tend to favor the concept “less is more”, when I’m prepping to be hundreds of miles from the comfort of my home I like to be sure I am well and ready for anything. Go ahead, make fun of the girl who’s over packed, struggling to lug her two suitcases and 10 pound carry on, because joke’s on you, she’ll be ready when that thunder storm hits on her trip to the desert.

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Yes! This is me confessing. I love to over pack! Despite it’s comical tendencies, my urge to transport my whole life and then some while traveling has been an embarrassing mess so I took it upon myself to make some changes. I developed a skillful and elaborate strategy to packing for my previous trip. AKA I wrote everything down. Using my handy dandy lists I wrote out everything I wanted to pack with me and after a battle of scratching and erasing I was ready to physically pack my bags. Here’s a look at everything I took with me on my recent weekend trip.


tech carryonbackpack

I used a backpack from Asos to pack all of my technology. Those include my camera, phone, tablet & keyboard, chargers including 2 portable chargers and of course some headphones.



My skincare, makeup, and other toiletries are kept in a separate bag from Sheinside, coming with a convenient cosmetic bag inside. In the large tote itself I always keep something I can wrap up and get warm in For this particular trip I brought a large scarf from H&M. I always like to have something to keep me occupied on long trips for when I’ve absolutely had enough of staring at a screen for hours. I grabbed a magazine and of course a book from planning and organizing.

While I see no need in describing the details of all the necessities I did however want to share some of my favorite beauty essentials I’d packed with me.

I’ve become a  lover of Olay products and this age defying eye cream has done an amazing job so far at preventing dark circles under my eyes even on those long and rough trips. Application is easy and it feels light and refreshing!



Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing water, although new to me, has proven to be a must have. Ditch all your makeup removing products for this! It practically has your makeup gliding off your face making cleansing quick and easy.










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