Basics| The Classic White Shirt


Hi & welcome to yet another fashion post on this blog! Today I’m styling ‘basics’ in my attempt to rebuild my wardrobe. I, like many, struggled with having many clothes but nothing to wear & I have had ENOUGH! After some serious research from magazines, bloggers, and Youtubers I decided that the perfect way to start was with the simple, classic, & timeless white shirt which could be worn with multiple outfits. The key is to ask yourself when shopping, “can this be used in at least four looks?” This way you are sure it is never wasted sitting in your closet. Quality as well is a very important factor.Making sure you invest in pieces you know will last will keep you from having to spend even more buying the same things over again when they ware out. I chose two very inexpensive tops from Zara’s basics collection, one long sleeved and fitted & the other cropped with a bit of a unique twist.

Going with bold, quirky accessories is a perfect way to dress up or dress down your white top look.I kept to the simple monochromatic color palate & played with silhouette with this mini bowling bag, also from Zara. Its contrasts of black and white polishes up the look while its unique size keeps it cool and playful. The jeans are are also from Zara, I know I’m obsessed!


Watch my video of this look on Youtube & SUBSCRIBE!



ZARA MID RISE CROPPED JEANS [no longer available]



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